Energy company invests in Hamburg-based EV charging provider

Shell Recharge Solutions gives NWG Charging a boost

Hamburg, 29 March 2022 – NWG Power is getting powered up: the Hamburg-based energy company announced on the 29th of March that Shell Recharge Solutions is investing in their charging spin-off – NWG Charging. The funding will be used to accelerate the deployment of private, apartment-based EV charging infrastructure across Germany.


”We are witnessing an electric vehicle boom, however the charging infrastructure is still lacking. Our goal with NWG Charging is to provide comprehensive vehicle charging solutions for owners and tenants of apartments in Germany. This will further support drivers in their switch to electric mobility”, says Bernhard Rönsberg, Co-Founder and CEO of the company. This is made possible thanks to the company’s robust technology and laser focus on tailored user-friendly solutions in an otherwise complex segment. “We are flexible and able to offer the right EV Charging solution for a wide variety of applications to both residents as well as property developers and landlords.”, continues Rönsberg. “We recognise that a huge barrier to EV adoption, especially in European cities where private driveways are scarce, is the dependence on public charging.” Whilst players like Shell Recharge are successfully growing a network of chargers across Europe, with NWG’s solution, convenient access to your own private charger at your flat is also made possible. “By ensuring that e-mobility is convenient and affordable we’re able to play a crucial role in the energy transition”, adds Per Pöhl, also CEO and founder of the Hamburg-based company.

Shell Recharge Solutions supports this mindset: “Cleaner transportation is essential to our future, and to make this change happen, affordable and accessible EV charging infrastructure is important”, explains Roger Hunter, Global Vice-President for Shell Recharge Solutions. “NWG offers a smart solution that fills a gap for charging infrastructure in multi-unit dwellings. Together we can further scale to the need of EV drivers with an affordable charging solution, as more apartment dwellers switch to electric mobility”, Hunter concludes.

NWG Charging also offers electricity for tenants in combination with charging infrastructure. With their scalable solutions, the company takes the burden away from property management companies and real-estate owners. “We are the interface between the public grid and manage power consumption in properties”, Pöhl explains. In this way, the energy service provider is pushing the transition towards a sustainable future in multi-family dwellings.

About NWG
NWG Power was founded in 2014 in Hamburg and combines the three core competencies of its three founders: the real estate business, renewable energy and corporate restructuring. NWG Power offers its customers a wide variety of solutions for more efficient property management. The focus always lies on digitization, mainly in the areas of energy supply, e-mobility, power for tenants, consumption data collection and drinking water management. Through comprehensive data management and intelligent measuring systems, NWG Power reduces management costs. Thousands of customers from the real estate business already benefit from these services as well as from the individual, personal consultations regarding all aspects of energy.


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